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At Stanford GKC, we're not only studying the future of national security innovation – we're building it.

About Stanford GKC

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Stanford GKC brings together Stanford's cutting-edge resources, Silicon Valley's dynamic innovation ecosystem, and a network of national security experts—all committed to mentoring and fostering the next generation of leaders. Here’s how we're making an impact:

Education: Experiential Learning on Real-World National Security Problems

Our courses go beyond theory, immersing students in experiential learning with access to real-world problems. Courses like Hacking for Defense and Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition challenge students to tackle real-world security challenges by developing the skills to innovate with speed and precision.

Training: Empowering Students’ Personal Development

Stanford GKC empowers students to pursue independent projects tailored to their interests, guided by leaders in the field, and aimed at making tangible contributions to national security. Training programs like the Defense Innovation Scholars and Women in National Security create vibrant communities for ongoing collaboration, mentorship, and advancement.

Policy Outreach: Translate Groundbreaking Ideas into Policy

We convene the best minds in policy, technology, and national security, hosting events that foster dialogue and catalyze change. Our goal? To translate groundbreaking ideas into policy that protects and advances national security.

The Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research