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Women in National Security

WINS, or Women in National Security, is a program designed to combat the pressing challenge of female underrepresentation in national security.

Women in National Security (WiNS)

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Women are severely underrepresented across the modern security landscape, from high school and college programming to the highest echelons of national security. WINS, or Women in National Security, is a program designed to combat this pressing challenge and help female students enter the national security space. WINS is composed of three major initiatives: 

The WINS Incubator is a space for female Stanford students to launch research projects, startups, and other initiatives to address critical issues at the intersection of women’s rights and security. Supported by a quarterly stipend, students pitch and develop their own projects that explore questions such as: 

  • Is bride price a predictor of crime levels in developing nations? 
  •  What is the relationship between female education rates and physical security? 
  • Given that campus sexual assault threatens our next generation of economic and technological talent, is it a national security issue? 

The WINS Mentorship Network is a group of female industry professionals, academics, and thinkers willing to offer advice and guidance to female students. Through one-on-one meetings, female students will gain insights and strategies for building successful careers in national security. 

The WINS Speaker Series allows students to hear directly from leading women in national security on topics ranging from policy to career insights to current events. Speaker events are open to all Stanford students. 

WINS Scholars

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