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Chiral Defense

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Track the future of defense technology deals

Future conflicts will be increasingly decided by the incorporation of new technologies from industries such as space, cyber, autonomy, quantum, and AI/ML. Military leaders don't have the time or market exposure to keep up to date with the pace of technological innovation; their primary job is to focus on warfighting. To help fill the gap, Chiral Defense is a weekly newsletter that rounds up the latest venture capital rounds, M&A activity, and IPOs of companies whose technology have applicability to the military's mission. Chiral is designed for military leaders, investors, defense industry experts, and technologists who need timely updates about the defense technologies of the future.

Chiral Defense was founded by Kevin Huang and is partnering with the Gordian Knot Center to institutionalize and scale its content and help researchers, technologists, and investors at the cutting edge of national security innovation. Check back soon for more information as this project develops.

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