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Defense Innovation Scholar

Kyla Guru

Kyla Guru is a technologist and social entrepreneur, deeply passionate about building a healthier and safer Internet for all. She has seen first-hand how online threats can intimately affect lives, gaining expertise in cybersecurity across threat intelligence, offensive hacking, and security operations across Apple, Meta, and the U.S. Government. Moreover, Kyla is the Founder/CEO of an international education nonprofit, Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education Corp., and has amplified her message across international stages like TEDxChicago, the Tableau Conference, RSAC-USA, and RSAC-Singapore.

She has also worked extensively in improving accessibility of technology as the co-founder of GirlCon Conference, an international tech conference that unites 700+ industry professionals and high-school students annually to bridge the gender gap in tech. Kyla is impatiently optimistic about innovating at the intersection of cybersecurity in high-tech international ecosystems as a Defense Innovation Scholar. Through this program, Kyla and the Stanford Cyber Super Girls will represent Stanford in cyber policy and national security strategy competitions around the country.