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Defense Innovation Scholar

Abeer Dahiya

Abeer is an undergraduate senior with majors in Economics and Mathematical and Computational Science, with prior experience as President of the Stanford Economics Association, a nationally published political cartoonist, staffer on multiple Graduate School of Business research projects, and working with private equity firms across the Asia-Pacific, among other initiatives on campus concerning India and democratic freedoms. He is currently also working with his team on advising the United States government on optimal budget allocations for the CHIPS Act.


Deeply committed to the cause of democracy and civil rights in his home country of India, he seeks to utilize his skillset acquired at Stanford toward the construction of an intelligent and sensitive security calculus that is able to leverage the most potent weapon in the West’s arsenal: democracy, and the hopes of an institutionally stable, socially equitable, and free way of living that are innate to it.


Through the Defense Scholars Program, Abeer hopes to help drive a national security system that is proactive in countering the rise of adversarial power in the Indian Ocean and the Himalayas through enabling the India-US partnership, and exploiting joint technical expertise in creating systems that magnify force multipliers and minimize noncombatant costs.