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Chief of Naval Research interviewed about GKC

RADM Lorin Selby 01

Rear Admiral Lorin Selby, the Chief of Naval Research, was interviewed by the Federal News Network about the Gordian Knot Center and the Office of Naval Research's partnerships with academia. In particular, the admiral spoke about the opportunity of working with Silicon Valley and Stanford:

"Clearly being in Silicon Valley, there’s a host of technology companies in that part of the world. There’s a host of startups out there, there’s a lot of venture capital out there, which is also something we hope to maybe get them excited. Because one of my premises here, there’s a sector of our society that is just waiting to be tapped into, it’s like, you know, coach put me in, I’m ready to go. There are so many companies out there, and some they’re not even companies yet just a couple folks that have a good idea that are figuring out how do I get this idea to the right thought leader inside the Pentagon or some other part of the military or the government? This is really a whole government approach we’ve got to take on because it’s not just the military. ... if we could figure out a way to energize the economy of this nation, and other like minded nations around the globe, working together .... If we can unleash that furnace, that energy, that excitement, we can scale this up to a level that even China would have a hard time competing with."

You can read the full transcript of the interview here