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Hacking 4 Defense Class
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The Gordian Knot Center (GKC) for National Security Innovation trains and connects the next generation of national security innovators with the U.S. Government to solve the world's most intractable challenges—from great power competition and non-state actor threats to nontraditional transnational security dilemmas. We solve national security problems and deliver projects at the intersection of diplomacy, information, military, and the economy (DIME) and commercial technologies (AI, machine learning, autonomy, biotech, cyber, semiconductors, commercial access to space, et al.).

Our motto of penitus cogitare, cito agere, think deeply, act quickly, embraces our unique intersection of deep problem understanding and rapid solutions.

Gordian Knot Center Overview

Hacking 4 Defense Final Presentation

Expand & Scale National Security Education

Team Common Ground Offsite

Training by Solving Real National Security Problems

Flag waving in front of U.S. Congress

Offer Insight, Integration, and Policy Outreach

 Our Team 

Dr. Joe Felter
Center Director & Founding Faculty

Joe Felter

Dr. Riitta Katila
Co-Principal Investigator

Riitta Katila


Featured Commentary

The Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research